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Linkgum is a place for you to share interesting links. Linkgum's motto is "Share Freely" - that's because here at Linkgum we don't believe in censorship. Instead, our goal is to put power back into the voting system. That's why on Linkgum, your votes - both on posts and comments - will ultimately cause content to rise and fall - not moderators or other external forces.
That's right. Perhaps the biggest difference between Linkgum and other social sharing sites comes down to how the subject system works. When you create a subject on Linkgum, that doesn't make you a dictator. Nor should it. Instead, you can be proud to have started a subject that other users find interesting. You can find a list of subjects you've created on you user page - other people can see that too.
No, absolutely not. Just because we don't have moderators doesn't mean you'll find trash on the floors. We implement strategies to deal with spam. What this does mean though is that users are encouraged to vote on the content they find enjoyment in, because in the end - it's the users of Linkgum that will decide what's shown.
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After creating an account you will be able to make posts, create subjects, and leave comments on the content found on Linkgum. You comments and posts can be voted on by other users. Every time a comment or post is upvoted, its score goes up by one. Every time a comment or post is downvoted, its score goes down by one. Your frontpage will show the most popular posts from the subjects you subscribe to.

That makes sense - and rather then preventing users from posting content you personally don't like, we give you the option to block subjects (and their posts) from showing up for you. On any subject's page click the Block Subject button. From then on you won't find this subject's posts in you all feed.

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